Lead Scientist

Thomas DeBusk

Thomas DeBusk is an internationally recognized expert on the design and optimization of wetland, macrophyte and algal-based treatment systems. He has published widely and is a frequent lecturer on innovative watershed management concepts. Mr. DeBusk has served as a water resources consultant to governmental agencies and private industries throughout the Americas and Asia.

Significant Accomplishments

  • Key advisor on some of the largest water resource projects in the world
  • Technical consultant for water quality projects in China, Libya, Belize, Thailand, Brazil, and the Caribbean
  • Ten water resources patents
  • 75 refereed publications

Prior Affiliations

  • Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution
  • University of Florida
  • Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institution


  • MS, Environmental Science, Florida Institute of Technology, 1982
  • BS, Botany, University of Florida, 1976

Areas of Specialization

  • Design, implementation and optimization of water and wastewater treatment technologies using wetland, chemical, hybrid, aquatic macrophyte and algal-based approaches.
  • Innovative watershed management techniques.
  • Freshwater ecology.
  • Energy from biomass.

Government Agency Clients

Current: South Florida Water Management District, Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services, Florida Department of Environmental Protection, St. Johns Water Management District

Previous: National Science Foundation, US Department of Agriculture, US Department of Energy, Orange County Department of Environmental Services, Southwest Florida Water Management District, US Trade and Development Agency, US Environmental Training Institute, Shandong (China) Provincial Environmental Protection Bureau

Select Patent Listing

  • 7,790,033 – Surface water treatment using flocculation and associated methods
  • 7,632,407 – Rapid proliferation of aquatic plant growth facilitation system and associated methods
  • 7,556,735 – Plant biomass management system and method
  • 7,510,660 – Contaminant removal method for a body of water
  • 7,179,387 – Treatment system and method for remediating a body of water
  • 7,074,330 – Plant biomass management system and method
  • 7,014,776 – Contaminant removal method for a body of water
  • 6,986,845 – Algal and nutrient control system and method for a body of water
  • 6,692,641 – Algal and nutrient control method for a body of water
  • 6,413,426 – Algal and nutrient control system and method for a body of water
  • 5,993,649 – Sequential biological-chemical water treatment system
  • 5,733,453 – Wastewater treatment system and method